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All ProX chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched to reduce initial chain stretch and immediate performance and come with a clip type chain link as standard.

Specifically for the Off-road, Enduro, ATV and big 4-Stroke Motocross bikes ProX also offers a lightweight, narrow type X-Ring chain using a QX-type seal offering 40% less friction and at least 150% increased durability over a standard MX Chain.

The solid bush inside the shot-peened, solid roller and plates are all heat treated to offer an incredible tensile strength in combination with low friction and high wear resistance. Inner plates are designed in a specific shape allowing less material to be used which in combination with the unique lightning holes results in a 3% overall lighter chain without compromising tensile strength.

The MX chains are assembled out of various different components that all have their specific and crucial function to make the chain a high quality product. Pins do feature an exclusive pin treatment providing an extremely hard outside coating, leaving a softer inside to increase strength while reducing overall chain wear. The pins are heavy press fitted and do feature quad staked riveting for ultra-strong connection.

ProX has developed a premium line of Roller Chains to team up together with the ProX front and rear sprockets. The ProX Roller Chain is a top quality chain, exclusively manufactured for ProX by the reputable and leading OEM factory in Japan. All ProX chains are made using highest grade Japanese steel.