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Rabaconda Gen 4 Tyre Changer

The acclaimed Rabaconda tyre and mousse changer – the Rolls Royce of tyre changers for MX and enduro!

The Rolls Royce of tyre changers

These 3 minute mousse changers will make your life a whole lot easier.


How do you feel about changing your motorcycle’s tyres?

It’s not an easy task for most, but all that started to change when Jakob and Tõnu designed the Rabaconda in 2012. They are two enduro-riding buddies who loved the sport but got really disheartened when the time came to change tyres.

Eventually, instead of forever agonising over it, they took on the challenge to turn changing tyres into a quick and easy job for all riders. After a lot of trial and error, they came up with a tool that enabled 3-minute tyre changes regardless of whether you were using tubes, tubeless or mousses. With this tool, it took them exactly 3 minutes to change a desert tyre with a hard mousse insert.

Since 2012, more than 15,000 riders have invested in Rabaconda tyre change tools.

Machine and tyre levers available separately or as a package.

also available as a add on accessorie is the 12-18mm spindle for the Trials bikes etc

Also now available is the All New Street Tyre Changer & Junior bike changer

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Rabaconda tyre/mousse changer

Rabaconda tyre changer WITHOUT LEVERS, Rabaconda pro Tyre Set of 5 LEVERS ONLY, Rabaconda tyre machine & 5 lever pro combo, Rabaconda 12-18mm spindle