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Motorex Oils Lubricants


Motorex is a leading manufacturer of innovative lubricants and chemical products for motorcycles. Constant success in a world-class racing environment is proof that the innovative products MOTOREX are developing and producing make a big difference to the performance of your bike.

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The continuous success in world class racing is proof of MOTOREX’s innovation and development expertise. However, to generate maximum benefit for the bikers all over the world, there is still more needed: the ongoing fine-tuning and improvement of our range based on the insights from the race tracks. The results are products born in racing and proven to deliver maximum performance in everyday use

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Motorex Oils & Lubricants

Motorex Gear oil, Motorex ATF Dexron 3, Motorex 10/60, Motorex 10/50, Motorex 10/50 4LTR, Motorex 10/40, Motorex 10/40 4LTR, Motorex 15/50, Motorex 15/50 4ltr, Motorex 2T, Motorex 2T 4LTR, Motorex Filter spray, Motorex Filter oil, Motorex Filter cleaner, Motorex Brake cleaner, Motorex Chain cleaner, Motorex Chain Lube, Motorex Chain Lube 56ml REFILLABLE, Motorex mineral oil, Motorex waterproof grease, Motorex bearing grease