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We stock a wide range of Mitas tyres for enduro, including the famous EF-07 Double Green!

If you’re not sure which is the right option for you, please just get in touch.

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Mitas’ commitment to motorsport is growing over the past years and we are fully dedicated to the further development and support of riders, teams, championships and events.

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Terraforce EH 140/80-18 SS Double Green, Terraforce EH 120/90-18 SS Double Green, Terrafoce EF 140/80-18 SL Single Green, Terraforce EF 140/80-18 Yellow Band, Terraforce EF 120/90-18 SL Single Green, Terraforce EF 120/90-18 Yellow Band, Terraforce EF 90/90-21 Single Green, Terraforce EF 90/90-21 Yellow Band, Terraforce EF 90/100-21 Single Green, Terraforce EF 90/90-21 Yellow Band, Terraforce EF 90/100-21 Yellow Band, Extreme ice soft 946 120/100-18, XT-754SL 120/90-18, XT-754 SL Green, XT-754 Red 110/100-18, C-18 GREEN 120/90-18, C-18 YELLOW 120/90-18, C-18 GREEN 110/90-19, EF-07 Yellow stripe 140/80-18, EF-07 SL Green 140/80-18, EF-07 SS Double Green 140/80-18, C-19 Green 90/90-21, C-19 Green 90/100-21, C-15 Red 80/100-21, C-19 Yellow 90/90-21, C-19 Yellow 90/100-21, EF-07 SL Green 120/90-18, C-19 Red 90/90-21, C-19 Red 90/100-21, C-15 Red 90/90-21, Mitas pit cross 90/90-14, Mitas pit cross 90/100-12, Mitas C-02 130/80-17, Mitas terraforce 70/100-19 soft/mid, Mitas E09 140/80-18, Mitas E09 90/90-21, EXTREME ICE SOFT 946 110/90-19, XT-754 110/90-19 (HARD), EF-07 120/90-18 SL Green, MITAS TERRAFORCE SX SOFT/MEDIUM 80/100-12, MITAS TERRAFORCE SX SOFT/MEDIUM 70/100-14, NEW Mitas Terraforce PRO double green EXTREME super soft 140/80-18