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Heidenau K60 Scout

Heidenau’s K60 Scout is a hard wearing option for all-terrain adventure!

Tread pattern varies by size so please check our gallery image for clarification.


Heidenau’s K60 Scout is a great option for riders who take on a mixture of terrain.

A hard wearing compound offers excellent mileage and increased resistance to damage from foreign objects while on the trails.

The aggressive tread design offers excellent bite on all kinds of surfaces for secure off-road grip.

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130/80 -17 M/C 65T TL, 140/80 -17 M/C 69T TL, 150/70 B17 M/C 69T TL, 170/60 B17 M/C 72T TL, 4.00 -18 M/C 64T TT, 100/90 -18 M/C 56H TL, 150/70 B18 M/C 70T TL, 100/90 -19 M/C 57T TL (K60), 110/80 B19 M/C 59T TL, 120/70 B19 M/C 60T TL, 90/90 -21 M/C 54T TL, 140/80-18 70T TT