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Bridgestone Battlax AX41

Bridgestone’s Battlax AX41 is a great option for riders who want to head off the beaten track!

Ideal for a mix of trails and tarmac on even the largest of adventure motorcycles.


Bridgestone’s Battlax AX41 adventure tyre is a serious all-terrain option for ADV bike thrills!

This mud & snow rated tyre is aimed at riders who want to ride both on and off-road, and they offer fantastic grip across a wide range of surfaces.

Bridgestone have refined the block architecture and positioning to improve on road handling, and this also helps to reduce uneven wear which can be common on blockier adventure tyres.

As used by Dave Thorpe’s Honda Adventure Centre on their range of Africa Twin motorcycles!

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120/90 -16 M/C 63P TL, 4.60 -17 M/C 62P TT, 120/90 -17 M/C 64P TL, 130/80 -17 M/C 65P TL, 130/80 B17 M/C 65Q TL, 140/80 B17 M/C 69Q TL, 150/70 B17 M/C 69Q TL, 170/60 B17 M/C 72Q TL, 4.00 -18 M/C 64P TL, 4.10 -18 M/C 59P TL, 4.60 -18 M/C 63P TT, 100/90 -18 M/C 56P TL, 120/80 -18 M/C 62P TL, 120/90 -18 M/C 65P TL, 130/80 -18 M/C 66P TL, 150/70 B18 M/C 70Q TL, 90/100 -19 M/C 55P TL, 100/90 -19 M/C 57Q TL, 110/80 B19 M/C 59Q TL, 120/70 B19 M/C 60Q TL, 2.75 -21 M/C 45P TT, 3.00 -21 M/C 51P TT, 80/100 – 21 M/C 51P TT, 90/90 -21 M/C 54Q TL