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Avon TrailRider

Made in Britain, the Avon TrailRider is a great option for adventure touring if you’re sticking to the tarmac!

Designated for 90% road use and 10% off-road, there’s a wide range of sizes available for ADV bikes.


The Avon TrailRider is a road biased adventure touring tyre ideal for daily commuting or long-haul trips!

Using Avon’s unique 3D Sipe Technology, they offer fast warm up times, and tread flex is limited to help improve stability at high speed and in the corners.

Great wet weather grip is also available thanks to the optimised tread pattern which shifts plenty of water from around the contact patch.

Designed and manufactured in the UK!

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120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) TL, 120/90 -17 M/C 64S TL, 130/80 -17 M/C 65S TL, 130/80 R17 M/C 65H TL, 140/80 R17 M/C 69V TL, 150/60 R17 M/C 66H TL, 150/70 R17 M/C 69V TL, 160/60 ZR17 M/C (69W) TL, 170/60 R17 M/C (72W) TL, 180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) TL, 110/80 -18 M/C 58S TL (Rear), 110/80 R18 M/C 58V TL (Front), 120/80 -18 M/C 62S TL, 140/80 -18 M/C 70S TL, 150/70 R18 M/C 70V TL, 100/90 -19 M/C 57V TL, 110/80 R19 M/C 59V TL, 120/70 ZR19 M/C (60W) TL, 80/90 -21 M/C 48S TL, 90/90 -21 M/C 54V TL